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stainless steel processing centre

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A new UK stainless steel processing centre took a further step closer to fruition as the final stages of the installation of a new fully automated decoiling and coil process line were completed at Lockley stainless at their new purpose-built facilities in Wolverhampton, UK. The fully automated PLC controlled line is the latest of its type in the UK. It will receive coils up to 25tns and up to 1500mm wide. Operating at up to 60m per minute, it will produce cut-to-specification sheets in a wide range of size combinations from 500mm to 6000mm between 0.4mm and 3mm thickness. An automated coating process can add an optional polythene coating to the sheets to meet specific customer requirements. The automated, air assisted palletising stage packs the sheets ready for stock or to be delivered direct to customers. The completion and commissioning of the line is expected to be completed by late summer and will be a central part of the processing centre alongside new polishing and finishing equipment.


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