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What is Aluminum Casting

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In the process of casting, defects such as internal porosity, shrinkage and porosity are easy to occur. After machining, surface dense layer components are removed and internal structural defects are exposed. For automotive aluminium castings with sealing requirements, such as cylinder block, cylinder head, intake manifold, brake valve body, etc., the existence of defective micro-holes will lead to leakage of sealing media and cause a large number of waste products, and these defects are often found after pressure testing after machining, resulting in serious waves of working hours, raw materials and energy. In order to solve the problem of high rejection rate of automobile aluminium castings and save the castings that may be scrapped due to the above defects, certain treatment measures should be taken in production. At present, the most common technology is infiltration treatment, i.e. leak plugging. The so-called "infiltration" refers to the technology of infiltrating the infiltrating agent into the micro-pore of aluminium castings under certain conditions. After solidification, the infiltrating filler is connected with the inner wall of the casting pore to block the micro-pore, so that the parts can meet the conditions of pressure, anti-seepage and anti-leakage.



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