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Description of Valve Body Material

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1. Grey cast iron
Gray iron valves are widely used in various fields of industry because of their low price and wide application range. They are usually used in the case of water, steam, oil and gas as medium, and are widely used in chemical industry, printing and dyeing, oiling, textiles and many other industrial products which have little or no effect on iron pollution. Suitable for low pressure valves with nominal pressure PN < 1.6 MPa and working temperature between 15 and 200 C.
2. Ductile Iron
Ductile iron is a kind of cast iron, which replaces flake graphite in gray iron with globular or spherical graphite. This change in the internal structure of the metal makes its mechanical properties better than ordinary gray cast iron, and does not damage other properties. Therefore, valves made of ductile iron have higher pressure than those made of gray iron. Suitable for medium and low pressure valves with nominal pressure PN < 4.0 MPa and working temperature between - 30 ~350 C. Applicable medium is water, sea water, steam, air, gas, oil, etc.
3. Carbon steel
Cast steel was originally developed to meet the needs of production that exceeded the capacity of cast iron and bronze valves. However, due to the good performance of carbon steel valves and the strong resistance to stress caused by thermal expansion, impact load and pipeline deformation, the scope of application of carbon steel valves is expanded, including the working conditions of cast iron valves and bronze valves. It is suitable for medium and high pressure valves with working temperatures ranging from - 29 425 C. Among them, 16Mn and 30Mn are often used as substitutes for ASTMA105 when their temperature ranges from -40 to 400. The suitable medium is saturated steam and superheated steam. High and low temperature oil products, liquefied gas, compressed air, water, natural gas, etc.


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